Charles Spurgeon wrote: " Gurnall's work is peerless and priceless; every line is full of wisdom ...
 The whole book has been preached over scores of times and is, in our judgment, the best thought-breeder in all our library."

  The Christian in Complete Armour

The Christian in Complete Armour;

A Treatise

Of the Saints' War against the Devil:

Wherein a Discovery is made of that grand Enemy of God and his People, in his Policies,
Power, Seat of his Empire, Wickedness, and chief design he hath against the Sayings.

A Magazine Opened,

From whence the Christian is furnished with Spiritual Arms for the Battle, helped on with his Armour,
and taught the use of his Weapon: together with the happy issue of the whole War.

by William Gurnall, M.A.,

Of Emanuel College, Pastor of the Church of Christ, Lavenham, Suffolk.

First published in 1655

Biographical Introduction

by Rev. J. C. Ryle, B.A.

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Volume I

Part 1 Introduction / A Sweet and Powerful Encouragement to the War

Part 2 Directions for managing this War successfully, with some Motives sprinkled among them. / The Christian must be armed, and the Reason why.

Part 3 Direction I.

Part 4 Direction II. The nature of the War, and character of the Assailants.

Part 5 The Assailants described Positively.

Part 6  Direction III. A Second Exhortation to Arm, and an Argument urging the Exhortation

Direction IV. The Position to be maintained in the Fight.

Part 7  Direction V. The Several Pieces of the Whole Armour of God.  The Christian's Spiritual Girdle.

Part 8  Sincerity strengthens the Christianís Spirit.

Part 9 DIRECTION VI. The Several Pieces of the Whole Armour of God.  The Christianís Breastplate.

Part 10 Direction VII. The Several Pieces of the Whole Armour of God. The Christianís Spiritual Shoe.

Volume 2

Part 1 Direction VIII. The Several Pieces of the Whole Armour of God . .The Christianís Spiritual Shield.

Part 2 DIRECTION VIII The Saintís Enemy Described. / The Power and Puissance of Faith over this Enemy.

Part 3 Direction IX. The Several Pieces of the Whole Armour of God.The Christianís Helmet.

Part 4 Direction X. The Several Pieces of the Whole Armour of God..The Christianís Sword.

Part 5 Direction XI. The necessary duty of the Christian, as clothed in the Whole Armour of God:

Part 6 DIRECTION XI [How to perform the duty commandedóa directory for prayer.]/The Time for Prayer./ The Kinds of Prayer.

Part 7 The Inward Principle of Prayer. / The Guard of Prayer.

Part 8 Direction XII. The Duty of every Christian in complete Armour to aid by Prayer /  the Public Ministers of Christ.

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