Man is a product of the soil Genesis 2:7
Man is composed of the elements or materials of the Earth or dust eccles. 12:7
150 pound person is 96% gases 4% minerals gases are : Carbon 18%, Oxygen 65% , Hydrogen 10% , Nitrogen 3%
The Blood is 80% ALKALINE 20% Acid Prov. 25:20
The Blood kept Alkaline by Alkaline foods
Body Nourished by the same elements of which it consists
Body : 70% Water
19% Protein
7.5% Fat
.5% Carbs
3% Minerals: please note due to soil conditions a mineral supplement would be advisable

First and formost, because the Raw Food is L I V E Food as it is handed to us by Nature. We all know that life on Earth is completely dependent on our Sun. If we had no sun the Earth would be without any life, dark and icy cold.  Plants are able to catch the sun-light energy (electricity is carried to the seed) and deposit it in the form of roots and tubers, fruits and seeds. Man and the animals , with massive bodies ,are therefore not able to utilize the sun to a sufficiently high degree. Therefore both man and beast use plants as carriers between the sun and themselves. A fresh , R A W vegetable diet is sunlight electricity nourishment! Doctors believe that it is the atoms which are the carriers of the solar energy. Fresh, raw vegetable food possesses the highest nutritive value, and this cannot be increased or improved: anything else, such as heating , drying, storing, fermentation or preservation, will tend to reduce and destroy its value. We lessen its value by mixing many different things together, we add salt, sugar, spices, and butter. We remove the germ and the husk from the wheat to use the flour for baking. We polish the rice , we refine the sugar; we remove the skin, seeds, and cores of apples and pears, we peel the potatoes and scrape the carrots and remove the green nutritive tops. Meat , Fish, eggs, and cheese supply us with an enormous surplus of animal protein which is highly acidic to the blood of humans. Mankind makes beverages of coffee and cocoa beans, and tea, which contain stimulating poisons. We use grapes for wine, hops for beer, preserve food with chemicals , such as benzoic acid, salicylic acid , nitre, boric acid and sulphurous acid in order that it may keep well, and look attractive. Further , we take anodynes , hypnotics, sedatives to sleep, etc--all strong chemical poisons---or at any rate substances that are foreign to the organism ---the house we live in :the temple. Among drugs which are misused and not needed , to a great extent tablets for headaches, liquids for indigestion brought on from bad eating habits. The ground, too, is with chemical manure, chemical sprays, most cases genetically engineered (studies show this type of food produced causes abnormal growth and and even death). We may run the risk that the ground becomes just as diseased as man---over---acidified, over nourished, and that it yields sick plants which are not fit for human food. And even now they are almalgamating plants by planting genes of insects to change Yehovah given plants to produce super plants unfit to eat all this for MONEY at our health expense. Raw food is termed live food by me, in contrast with such food as has been treated by heating, which I consider D E A D food. Especially microwave cooking, every time you use the microwave and eat the food it raises your white blood count and is extremely unhealthful. The best food is therefore completely natural food which has not been subjected to denaturalization of any kind. Raw food is easy to digest, it spares and strengthens the organism in every respect because of its content of life , bases , and vitamins and minerals in their natural ,living combination and relationship to one another. Keeping the blood mainly alkaline with alkaline foods is the key to healthy blood ----the blood is after all the life of the flesh Lev. 17:11. The blood is the foundation to good health. It is a wonderful process that transforms the food into blood and uses this blood to build up the varied parts of the body, but this process is going on continually, supplying with life and strength.
Disease never comes without a cause :
The way is prepared, and disease invited, by disregard of the laws of health.
The cells of the body are a carrier of electricity  The vital force of the blood has electricity. Raw foods; not dead cooked foods, carry sunshine electricity energy we get from our plant foods. Scientists say that a sun bath in the sun will raise the alkalinity of the blood by 25% . After all we are  a human battery since the body is 80% alkaline and when the body gets to much acid then what happens ? Disease sets in and the battery looses its power .

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