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bookAntiquities of the Jews - Flavius Josephus

bookChristian in Complete Armour - William Gurnall

bookThe Divine Inspiration of the Bible - Arthur W. Pink

bookFoxes Book of Martyrs - John Foxe

bookPilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan

bookJohn Bunyan - biography- by James Anthony Froude, LL.D.

bookWars of the Jews - Flavius Josephus

bookClement: Chapter 27 The Law, Even in Correcting and Punishing, Aims at the Good of Men

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bookRobinson Crusoe - Daniel Dafoe

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bookOrigin of Species - Charles Darwin The faulty racist, supposedly scientific theory, and the man who wrote it. Despite almost 160 years of tireless search, specific evidence of one species actually "evolving" into another is still virtually non-existent. We have linked to this ebook here not to condone it, but for  those interested in what it really proves or doesn't. -webmaster